Raymond Naseath

Owner, Ray Reviews Games

Since his days creating playground games as a child in San Diego, Ray’s interests have always revolved around making things more fun. A skill his students have appreciated at the schools where he taught in Rhode Island, Russia, Taiwan, and Germany. One game he created in the classroom was particularly popular, leading to a successful Kickstarter campaign and subsequent reprint. The game, Build Up, has also been selected by the “Play With Purpose” program as a core game in helping teach educators across the nation the value and effectiveness of games in the classroom. Ray is the owner of Ray Reviews Games, LLC and Azure House Games. His hobbies include creating board game reviews, how to play, and how to win videos for his YouTube channel; selling games at conventions around the world; and learning how to be an independent game designer and publisher through trial and error.

My Sessions

3 Ways to Make Your Game “Fun”

Room 1

Fun! This critical and often elusive word can ultimately make or break your game. Whether we’re novices or experienced game designers, we must understand what leads a player to say, win or lose, “That was a fun game!” Come and learn the principles that “fun” games share and how to incorporate them into your own […]

Game Design
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