BostonFIG Fest is a celebration of independent game development worldwide. The Fest showcases digital and tabletop games, with our showcase games selected from hundreds of submissions from independent game developers. Fest attendees have the chance to play digital games, tabletop games, and immersive experience games in a casual environment, for a very affordable ticket price.
Our annual Learns conference brings together teachers, students, and education-focused games professionals for a day of sharing and learning. We’ll cover hands-on learning games, museum games, classroom topics, academic research, student presentations, and more! This conferences is suited for professionals interested in the learning games space, academics, teachers, and students.
Our annual game-creators conference showcases industry speakers covering a variety of fascinating topics in the areas of game creation including; design, methodology, technology, art, process, business topics and more! This conference is suited for the independent professional or aspiring student/hobbyist.
BostonFIG Forward is our in-house developed game design curriculum for kids ages 8-14 years old. The program is designed to be run as an after-school enrichment class, run once a week for 8 weeks in 90-minute classes. One of the best parts of the program is no fancy tech is needed to teach!
GameLoop is an un-conference event for the game creator community! This means that talk topics are pitched and decided at the conference itself, with no preparation ahead of time! This is a fun way for people to talk about game topics that are top-of-mind, network with people with similar interests, and create awesome content on-the-fly.

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