BostonFIG Digital Showcase

Past Winners


Best in Show: Perception

Audience Choice: Ape Out

Art and Experimental Games: Anamorphine

Compelling Game Loops: Ape Out

New Developers’ and Students’ Games: RYB

Multiplayer and Connected Gameplay: Blade Ballet

Accessibility and Inclusion: HEARtREAD

Worldbuilding and Narrative: Perception

Epic Scope and Gameplay: Floor Kids


Superior Smarts Award for Best Learning Game: Smorball

Best Audio Design: Thumper

C-C-Combo Breaker Award for Best Multiplayer Game Design: Ninja Tag

Awesome Aesthetic Award for Best Visual Art: Liege

“Epic Epic Award for Best Narrative/World Building: Howie and Yarla

The Laser Kitten Award for Best Technical Quality: Xeero

The Best in Show Award for Best Gameplay Innovation: Ultimate Chicken Horse


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