Caroline Murphy | CEO, VP of Sales

Oleg Brodskiy | COO, Festival Chair

Mark Nolan | CMO, VP of Marketing


Ted Atkinson | VP of Programming

Tim Blank | VP of Tabletop Curation

Veronica Keddy | VP of Logistics

Mary Yovina | VP of Digital Curation

Directors & Managers

Rik Eberhardt | Facilities Manager

Tim Miner | Volunteer Director

Cian Rice | Social Media Manager

Maxine Rock | Floor Manager

Allison Schneider | Sales Manager


Brendan Butts | Awards Show Coordinator

Francesca Carletto-Leon | Sales Associate

Rachel Chasteen | Artists’ Alley Coordinator

Noah Covell | Marketing Coordinator

Akhil Dakinedi | Designer

Tyler Haddad | Sales Associate

Jeff Johnston | Sales Associate

Bekka Nolan | Designer

Sarah Spiers | College Outreach Coordinator

Mike Tom | PR Coordinator

Henry White | Sales Associate

Jo Wylie | Assistant to the Board


Fiona Cherbak

Clara Fernández-Vara

Eli Kosminsky

Dan Silvers

Seth Sivak

Aerjen Tamminga

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